Glenn Gadbois

as Paul Revere

One, If By Land

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Revere was a little known figure in Revolutionary War history until Henry Wadsworth Longfellow immortalized his historic midnight ride in a famous poem. But Revere was one of the country’s finest silversmiths and early metallurgists of the day.

He was most effective during the war as a political cartoonist, engaging readers on the daily issues facing Boston. Revere was a leader among local artisans and shopkeepers and became the official courier for the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, making several rides of importance during this tumultuous time.

Glenn Gadbois could easily be considered a modern day Revere. As Executive Director of Movability Austin, Glenn’s message is about traffic congestion and “helping people find and use travel options to ensure roads are a little less packed with traffic and parking is a little more available.” But he is also a craftsman himself, with woodworking being his passion.

Gadbois embraced his commonalities with the famous figure stating “I sort of feel Paul Revere-ish when I travel the streets warning, “congestion is coming” with all my hopeful faith that a new urban revival is afoot.”

Glenn Gadbois
Colorado & Cesar Chavez Sts., Downtown Austin
August 2014